News headline: "Rain in Arizona!"
April 21st, 2007 - 4:51pm MST (-0700)

In the global news society we have today, where the current happenings on the other side of the world are just seconds away thanks to CNN, I cannot believe that the headline news on the local NBC-channel was "We had rain today in Arizona!"

There are wars going on, people starve to death, people escape floods and diseases are spreading all over the world. Every day, scientists make amazing discoveries, new inventions pop up everywhere and people's lives are saved thanks to the heroism of others.

But no, none of this is as worthy of being headline news on NBC as "We had rain today!" Un-be-liev-able.

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Hello Sir, welcome to India!
April 13th, 2007 - 11:47pm MST (-0700)

Apparently, it's called "outsourcing". Someone, somewhere, at some point, had the brilliant idea to move parts of a company's operations to another country in which the costs for each employee is substantially less compared to where it was in the first place.

I won't deny that I'm not aware of the economic reasoning behind this idea, but please, corporate big mucky-mucks, can't you see it's really screwing the rest of us?

A while back, I was personally affected by this stupid idea when I had reasons to call Customer Support at HP. I was in process of purchasing a HP Pavilion dv9000t laptop (and more to come about that whole mess at a later time), and had hit a roadblock that forced me to pick up the phone.

I was redirected through the phone lines of the world to... India.

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April 3rd, 2007 - 6:01pm MST (-0700)

They say true patriotism only shows itself when being somewhere else, and I can certainly affirm that thought. I've never been patriotic to my home country or even typically Swedish - I cheered for the hockey team when they won the Olympics last time around, but that's about it. The flag or anything else remotely connected to Sweden haven't really meant much to me until now.

The single fact that I have a Swedish flag in my room should be enough to prove my point, but I'm also starting to get a bit sentimental about pretty much any other Swedish things here. There's a type of candy called "Swedish Fish", and I bought a bag of them just because of the name. The thought of Swedish meat balls sound much more appealing than any other kind of meat balls, though I have yet to make them. I have the recipe and everything, but as long as I don't have any lingonberry jam, I'm not going to have any meat balls.

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